Beauty in the small moments

I’ve started several blogs in the past, but have actually written zero. I’ve decided to write this blog because I like communicating with others, maybe a little too much. Most folks who know me well know that I suck at/pretty much abhor small talk. I would prefer sitting down somewhere cozy and sharing life stories. Finding those points of connections and diversions. Let’s get all of our shit out on the table and build our relationships from there. Lately, I’ve been finding that not too many folks are into that or maybe I make people think that I’m not into it because I assume they aren’t. Anyways, none of that matters and I digress. So this blog is selfish really. A form of catharsis. A place for my ramblings, but in a way it isn’t 100% selfish. It’s also an attempt at noting the small things in life that we take for granted. It’s a way for me to more intentionally note the beauty around me. My hope is that my musings can bring you a silent burst of joy, a moment when you stop and smile, or a note to self to focus on the positive next time. Below are a few “small things” from this weekend.

The smile on my mom’s face because she knew I was ok. My brother making a big decision that brought him some peace. Learning something new about a friend I’ve known for 15 years. The words on my friend’s vision board stating “Celebrate every day.” My cat running across the room and bumping into the wall because he got a bag caught over his head. Reading a book that I connected to and smiling to myself because a dear friend from CA shipped it to me. The sound of the water trickling down my cat’s water fountain. Seeing pictures of friends with their significant others and the love and/or joy they share. LOL @ the movies. The awkward moment when I said something apparently shitty to the folks around me and my inward giggle to myself after realizing how it may have sounded, but not feeling up to/having the time to explain. Doing the cupid shuffle at one of my student’s baby shower. Hearing from a friend that something we did together eased her mood. All of the graduates doing their thing! The taste of Simply Lemonade raspberry lemonade. The sense of accomplishment and energy I felt after running. The mist outside today. Actually writing.

So…this blog may never reach the eyes of anyone because who knows if I will actually share, but if it does…I encourage you to share your moments, achievements, epiphanies as well. I have one request, keep it positive! We can tackle the negative elsewhere.

Much love,


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