About Dr. Wanda Watson

Dr. Wanda Watson is a Bronx-born Harlem-raised rural Alabama-influenced Bay Area-based teacher educator committed to humanizing teaching, learning, and living. Her upbringing shapes her commitment to transformative education and prioritizing a life filled with joy and good health. Teaching is her passion, anything else is a bonus. Wanda earned her B.A. in Human Biology and M.A. in Elementary Education at Stanford University. She taught elementary and middle school for five years in Oakland and New York City. She previously worked as a staff developer for the Inclusive Classrooms Project in New York City and was a teacher educator at Teachers College, Columbia University, and Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus. Dr. Watson completed her Ed.D. in 2015 at Teachers College, Columbia University in Curriculum and Teaching. Her dissertation titled “Putting up a Fight: Exploring Youth of Color Social Justice Praxis” explored the reciprocal processes of teaching, learning, and political organizing enacted by a remarkably brilliant group of youth of color in New York City. Her current research, teaching, and life’s work (because they are inseparable to her) centers on developmentally appropriate elementary ethnic studies; Black women’s politically relevant curriculum, pedagogy, and care; critically inclusive praxis; and youth/child-centered anti-oppressive education and teacher education. Dr. Watson is an Assistant Professor and Multiple Subjects Program Director at Mills College where she gets to work with a dynamic community of teachers committed to social justice.

Wanda loves connecting with family and friends, cooking with her partner, traveling, hiking, running, and salsa dancing (though not always consistently).

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